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Marsha H.
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"We are extremely pleased with our recent sign order - the finished product is excellent."
Zack P.

"I was very skeptical at first. The price was just too good to be true! All I can say is; AWESOME! Awesome quality, service and turn around time! Thank you for making me look so good!"
Pat Z.

Wholesale Flags

If you want to make a unique marketing impact without spending a lot of money you can easily take advantage of the wholesale feather flags, wholesale teardrop flags and wholesale advertising flags. These flags are a great way to announce your presence. You may have noticed them at other businesses or events and naturally assumed based on how great they look that they are expensive!

Many customers have used these types of flags to announce special events at their businesses, social groups, church groups and other organizations. Of course any business can benefit from having these great advertising tools at their disposal.

They are colorful eye catching and very easy to assemble! These flags are a great way to advertise and increase traffic!

When to Use These Flags

You can actually use these flags any time but there are some really important times you want to have one of these flags available just to get a bit of extra attention:

  • Announce an Event
  • Announce a Sale
  • Mark the Entrance to a Celebration
  • Announce Business Hours
  • Mark a Business's Location

Rapid Flags can provide you with wholesale feather flags, wholesale teardrop flags and other wholesale flags to suit any situation that you want to draw attention to.

Announce an Event

These flags are not only for business purposes but can be used to announce community events like concerts in the park or other gatherings. Social gatherings can gain more exposure with these large advertising outdoor banners.

Announce a Sale

As a business owner you already realize that getting that foot traffic to come into your business can easily increase your customer base. Sometimes all you need to get those extra customers is to give them a chance to see that you are having a sale. These flags will easily do the job for you! Announcing your sale days with these flags gives everyone the chance to see where the deals are! Use red colors to bring attention to your flag and let them know about your important deals or just simple large bold letters that read out “SALE!” will do.

Mark the Entrance to a Celebration

You can use these flags to mark the entrance to a special occasion no matter what the occasion. Weddings, birthday celebrations, social celebrations all could benefit from these easy to see flags! They are a unique way to provide direction! You can provide your guest with a map and use different color flags to mark certain locations in the area.

Announce Business Hours

Don't make customers or clients guess what your hours are! Post them where they can be easily seen. Advertising flags will make it easy for your customers to see when you will be open. It can be frustrating to see small signs on entrance doors when you are driving by, make it easy for potential customers to see when you are open they will appreciate it.

Mark a Business's Location

If your business is off the beaten path a bit it will serve you well to buy some wholesale flags that will clearly mark your location. Making it easy to see where your business is located will make easy to pull in new customers! This is especially useful for those businesses tuck into strip malls.

Affordable Options

At Rapid Flags there is no minimum order! This can make a huge difference in your savings. So many times when you find a great wholesale deal you find out after the fact that you have order 10 or more or some other crazy amount that takes that great wholesale deal down a notch or two. A good deal is being able to buy what you need and save! Rapid Flags has one of the fastest flag printing turnaround time around, with flags shipping out 3 business days after the approved image. If you want to bring more exposure to sale or mark a business location, these custom flags are definitely a worthwhile look.